Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Gallagher in Utica, Tom Sestito in Utica, and the latest on the CIA Reports.


- We take calls on the CIA Report. What is the best way to handle a terrorist in order to get information?


- We discuss details of the torture methods of the CIA. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.

Gallagher - In Studio

- Ladies and Gentleman...Meet Gallagher!

Peggy O'Shea - Retiring from The Community Foundation

- Peggy has done a lot of good for The Community Foundation over the years.

Gallagher Part 1

- Just listen and be entertained!

Joe Marino - Property Tax Cap Vote

- Before we get to Joe Marino, we continue to chat with Gallagher. Joe talks with us about his wanting to vote "NO" on the property tax cap.


Andria Heath - Utica Zoo

- $25,000 has been given to the Utica Zoo and it's going to help renovate the American Bald Eagle exhibit. Gallagher gives Andria a great idea.

More with Gallagher!


- Bill tells the Q-Tip story with Gallagher!

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shop

- Chuck Marshall is on to give us an update. The Court Street location is up and open with $2.93/gallon gas and gives a Culver Ave. update.

Wrapping Things Up with Gallagher

- Don't miss Gallagher! He'll be here the rest of the week and for our Big Show on Friday!

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