Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

6 AM Hour

President Obama breaks down while talking about gun violence, calls for some changes in background checks and gun sales. There's news on Hotel Utica. Plus, what is jumping the shark? Trump says Cruz can't be president because he was born in Canada

Ben Carson's wife tells some seemingly outlandish stories about her husband. Do you believe them?

Keeler has a big revelation after watching the final episode of Making A Murderer. Plus, Fox's Tonya J Powers joins us again to update the standoff in Oregon

Checking in with Peter Franklin, The Gabby Cabby

7 AM Hour

Allan Saxe, Professor or Political Science at the University of Texas at Arlington, with what Obama's executive order on gun background checks will do. Plus, some callers weigh in

School teacher George Phillips has officially announced his run for NY's 22nd Congressional District. This will be his third run for congress.

Curtis Busse is apart of the movement to free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. He runs the Facebook page The Steven Avery Project.

More discussion on the series Making A Murder.

8 AM Hour

Ron Passafaro, CEO of ECR International, talks about what's next. No plant closings, no layoffs and some new products, he says

Offbeat news stories of the day. And, Keeler is trying to find out who has the cheapest price in the area

Paige Pavlot is the owner of the horse that was shot and killed in Kirkland.

Legal Lis has more crazy courtroom stories

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