Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Last night, Bill and his wife Allison had Andrew convinced that she was pregnant. The reason for Andrew's thinking that was his sister saw Bill in Babies R' Us which prompted the somewhat elaborate hoax.

- Two women were walking on a train bridge when a train passed by and almost were killed by it. They ducked under it and they were lucky enough to not die.

- Tomorrow we will get a decision on the Independence Party court decision in regards to the endorsement papers for Utica Common Council.

- For Dinner at Charlie's Pizza we asked for someone to call up and ask which comes first the lightning or the thunder?


- Tom from Rome calls up to try his luck and he was incorrect, but he got the Charlie's anyway.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

- According to Jeopardy, lightning and thunder strike simultaneously. We have a little debate about it, but we end up discussing the pomp of Alex Trebek. We play some clips from Trebek pronouncing foreign words and we talk about what it would sound like if he was an East Utica native.


- We make a little more fun of Alex Trebek and we talk about the pronunciation of Italian foods.

- We talk about the story of Jesse Ventura winning a lawsuit worth $1.8 Million against "American Sniper" Chris Kyle.

Welcome Back Ray!

- Our very own Ray Stagich is back from vacation and we're glad to hear form him. He gives us (or at least attempts to) give us an answer to which comes first, the lightning or the thunder.

- It's a chilly start to the day and Ray tells us its sub 40 at Saranac Lake.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- Peter gives us his weekly True Tales from New York City

- To book an NYC tour or to read all his True Tales, visit

Simon Owen - FOX News Correspondent

- Simon gives us an update on the sanctions on Russia. America is putting sanctions on oil and defense.

- Europe was reluctant because of the economical ties to Russia, but the downing of the Malaysian plane helped influence them.

- What is the Russian Economic picture?

- What does this mean for Obama and John Kerry?

- There could be speed bumps ahead for Putin, but right now he's still okay.


- We discuss the case of the woman from Blossvale that went missing and the unusual facts surrounding it.

- He (Tomas Zavalidroga) believes it was a conspiracy.


- The only people that have been able to get audio on this story or interviews is WKTV.

- We play some of Joleen's report from WKTV.

- We also play the interview with the neighbor, who talks about the unusual nature of the case.

- This is a strange case and more weird facts keep coming out.

Melody Brooks - Family Therapist

- Melody is on to talk to us about the effects of watching too much TV. Studies have shown that people who use TV to relax and unwind can make you feel worse about yourself.

- If you watch something stupid and your a creative person, you will feel worse now.

- In regards to binge watching, it's the analogy have a scoop of ice cream not the whole gallon. Don't watch the whole season and eat the whole gallon as well.

- Melody Brooks' book is "Oh Wow This Changes Everything."

- Melody is against the spanking of kids and that segues to a story out of Syracuse in which a child with disabilities into an inappropriate time out room.


- Hamas is not listening to the cease fire and continues to devastate. They are targeting schools, hospital, etc.

- Neither side (Hamas or Israel) wants this to end until the either side is decimated. The cease fire was requested by Egypt for disaster relief.

- Public relations is a key factor in this war. Main rules have been broken including women and children.

- Tom calls in to weigh in on this issue.

Mark Verri - "Access Little Falls"

- "Access Little Falls" is a group that is pushing for the allowance of golf carts on the streets of Little Falls.

- We ask to start out why on the road? He told us that it reminds him of his hometown in Georgia. He claims it's also a growing trend.

- What he'd like to do is register them with the city, so that would have be a little income for the city and the carts would have to be insured.

- They specifically want to do this for green initiatives, tourism and the canal.

- Would it work to drive on the sidewalks?

- We will get back to Mark and Gordy Ackerman (Another Proponent of Access Little Falls) after the break.

Mark Ruffing - Little Falls Alderman

- We continue talking with Gordy and Mark Verri about their stance on the golf cart issue. Bill calls them crazy.

- Gordy and Verri are wanting to do it simply for fun.

- Mark's point is that there are no brake lights, no headlights, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention the hills.

- Mark Ruffing thinks that there is no chance for this happening and Mark Verri believes there is.

- The next meeting is August 5th.


- We talk about annoying songs and catchy songs.

- Japan wants to see robots compete against each other in the next Olympics.

- Think about where we are with drones fighting wars and where we are in regards to robotics.

- Jibo is the world's first home family robot and they are marketing it now.

- As a society do we want robots to have complete control? Younger generations are excited, but most adults? I don't know.

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