Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Today we talk with legendary TV Drama actor Randolph Mantooth. We also discuss the school budget votes and education with Robert Miller, Herkimer Superintendent, and Dr. Rick Timbs from the SSFC.

6 AM Hour

- David Letterman has been a little more free with his monologues lately, and Bill Murray showed up to the show possibly inebriated. We also review the ramifications of the school budget votes.

- Peter Franklin is the Gabby Cabby and he gives us the True Tales from New York City. We also talk with him about David Letterman and he tells us the story of how he TURNED DOWN DAVID LETTERMAN.

7 AM Hour

- Craig Muder from the Baseball Hall of Fame joins us on the line to discuss the Hall of Fame Classic weekend. 6 Hall of Famers will be here in town and many Major League players. The game is Saturday at 2 and the parade is at Noon.

- We continue to discuss issues that are facing the Herkimer Central School District, especially when it comes to how to handle sports.

8 AM Hour

- We continue the education discussion with Dr. Rick Timbs.

- The Band Last Left is in studio and they are the band kicking off Saranac Thursday! They also play little song for us. We also check in with Ana Rivera from Eyewitness News on WUTR.