Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

6 AM Hour

Keeler has the list of highest snow totals from the storm we've seen over the past two days. Redfield, in Oswego County tops the list at 54 inches - that's 4 and 1/2 feet.

Fox's Tonya J Powers has Thanksgiving holiday travel numbers, which are at a 9-year high - story here.

Tila Tequilla gets booted off Twitter for a white supremacist tweet - story here.

Checking in with Peter Franklin the Gabby Cabby ahead of tomorrow's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He is also critical of NYC Mayor de Blasio for encouraging protests in what is already a busy, busy city.

Willie Waffle on the Thanksgiving weekend releases:

  • Bad Santa 2 - 2 waffles
  • Allied - 2.5 waffles
  • Moana - 2.5 waffles
  • Rules Don't Apply - 2.5 waffles

7 AM Hour

Brandon Lang checks in with Thanksgiving picks and more.

Keeler rattles off the top rated television programs over the past week.

FREE Money Question of the Day - Sesame Street's Burt and Ernie were named after a police officers in which holiday movie? Answer - It's A Wonderful Life

Some things we're thankful for following a note from listener Donna

8 AM Hour

AutoTalk host Ed Welsh on Thanksgiving Holiday Travel and the reason for the increase

Better Beer Man Naegele brings in some Switchback Dooley's Belated Porter.

Attorney Joe Hobika talking about what we're hearing from Trump, has he changed course on many of his campaign pledges.

Jim Piccola from the NYS DOT settles a discussion we had earlier this week. Are there devices at intersections that can trigger a light change.