Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Jon Decker from Fox News Radio is on this morning live from South Korea with an update on the President's trip to Asia.

- Eben Brown is with Fox News Radio and he gives an update on the Texas Church shooting. Vice President Pence will visit Sutherland Springs today.

7 AM Hour

- John Zogby is on this morning to talk about the election results and what it means nationally. We also get some more results from our ongoing local survey.

- We speak with Shelly Dicaterino who is the mother of Ciera Mach. She and her daughter went to visit an inmate at Mohawk Correctional Facility and were turned away from visiting their relative because how "inappropriate dress."

8 AM Hour

- Steve Bulger is with Kids Oneida and he joins us this morning to talk about their big Super Bowl giveaway fundraiser. Kevin Marken also joins us to talk about a dinner for On-Point for College.

- Joe Hobika is on this morning to talk about the Republican wins in the City of Utica last night. He is the city Republican Chair.

- Ryan Nobles is on this morning to discuss his covering the Virginia's Governor race. He also shares the latest on Trump's trip to Asia.

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