Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Trump v Ryan. Keeler wonders why Trump is taking aim at fellow Republicans instead of Hillary - story here. And, a rundown of today's guests.

Some are saying Tim Tebow performed a miracle after a baseball game yesterday. A man apparently had a seizure. Tebow prayed. Man healed, they say - story here.

Fox's Tonya J Power will the story of President Obama's plan to send people to Mars by the 2030s - story here.

Keeler's excited to see John Mellencamp at The Stanley tonight - a few tickets remain.

Keeler's quote of the day comes from Utica Councilman Mark Williamson regarding an audit of the Valley View Golf Course - 'It's Freaking Ridiculous' - story from the Utica OD here.

Audio - Jimmy Fallon highlights a local CNY business - Mercer's Dairy and its alcohol infused ice cream.

7 AM Hour

Simon Owen from Fox News on the Creepy Clowns making their way to London. reporter Julie McMahon joins us regarding the story that Syracuse University letting students decide the issue of gender assigned bathrooms - story here. And, caller Mitch wonders if there has been a resolution to the Creekside Mobile Home Park story. The answer - they are planning to appeal a judge's decision against them. You can hear the audio of that interview here.

Free Money Question of the Day for $100 - The biting bug, which is really a mite, which causes severe itching falls from what kind of tree? Answer - Oak tree. Here's the story. And, here's the description from Wikipedia.

Trump critical of John McCain. And, Keeler repeats his theory that Trump really doesn't want to win, but instead is setting up to launch a new news network after the election.

And, the Oneida County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Foundation hosting a community bridging event from 2-6pm at the Utica Armory.

8 AM Hour

Dr Sam Rosenfeld of Hamilton College with thoughts on this current election and political climate. Keeler wants to know why Trump isn't 'extending his tent' and welcoming other voters by moving to the middle. Instead, he's taking shot at other Republicans instead of Hillary.

Great Interview!! - Norman Lear is on to promote a documentary about him - 'American Masters: Norman Lear Just Another Version of You'. He's the man behind Sanford and Son, All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Maude, Stand By Me, The Princess Bride, Fried Green Tomatoes and many more.

Iconic photographer Steve McCurry joins the show. He talks about the controversy surrounding some of his photographs, many of which are on display right now at the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute (Exhibition through 12/31/16).

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