Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We discuss the new apple products and Bill gives his thoughts on Apple Pay, The Watch, and other new products.

- Where other devices and concepts have failed Apple has somewhat reinvented the wheel on this.

- Voter turnout was terrible but in the Assembly race Farber wins Herkimer County, Tenney in New Hartford, and Orange County was close but went to New Hartford.


- Bill continues his excitement about the announcement of the new Apple products and the U2 music release.

- We talk about the Assembly Primary of Tenney vs. Farber.

- Oneida County really did well with their website and election results.

- The Buffalo Bills have a new owner and it is Terry Pegula, Buffalo Sabres owner, which means The Bills are staying in Buffalo.


- A man was killed by elephants.

- We learn about Kristine's love of birds.

- Michael Moore talks about how bad the President is doing and he is a huge liberal.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We talk to Ray about the Farmer's Almanac interview and he explains some of their possible methods of predicting the weather. Ray says it's not accurate unless it's 3-5 days.

- We do end up talking about the weather with Ray. It is going to be beautiful today but then we have a front coming in bringing some rain and cooler weather.

Peter Franklin - True Tales from NYC

- Peter is the last English speaking cab driver in NYC. He is the Gabby Cabby and we talk to him about his True Tales.

- Visit his website at

 Chuck Marshall - Stewarts

- We talk to Chuck about the zoning board's final approval of the East Utica site.

- We also discuss the lawsuit against the city.

- We also talk about the environmental clean up and traffic study.

- No open date yet for West Utica site, however it is definitely happening.

Dr. Robert Geer - President of SUNY Poly

- We talk to Dr. Geer about the new name change and the continued progress of the Nano Center.

- We bring up the Tesla battery center in Nevada. This could lead to better new things to happen in New York.

- This building alone is proof on campus that good things are happening. We also talk about his new role in this two campus merger.

- It is almost like a corporation now, but Robert believes that it will draw in many new students.

- We ask what is actually going to be happening there. Is it manufacturing or installation. Robert explains the technology behind nano science.

Robert Channing - Painting Contest

- Somebody will be the winner of $500 and the painting that could be worth at least $50,000.

- We will take five callers if necessary, but if the first caller through has the correct guess they win.

- Tracy from Utica after two incorrect guesses has won $500, The Robert Channing Babe Ruth Painting, and 2 tickets to Robert's Show at the Stanley.

The Correct Answer Was: Babe Ruth!!!!

Andrew Derminio
Andrew Derminio

Congrats Tracey!!!


- JoJo calls up to complain about the picture on our website saying it looks nothing like Babe Ruth. He did not see the whole photo.

- We briefly discuss the difference between ISIS and ISIL. It has something to do with the region and it is the same organization.

Steve McMurray - WKTV

- Before we get to Steve we talk about the Ray Rice situation and the fact that his wife has come out and defended him.

- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now buddies with Mike Tyson. That can't be good for their sobriety.

-Now to Steve:Big changes continue to come for WKTV. They have hired a new News Director, Jeremy Ryan, who is a local guy and was with WKTV back in the late 90s.

- They also made changes to their newscast lineup. Steve is going to take a step back and focus on his job as General Manager and Don Shipman will take his place at the 6:00 newscast.

- We talk about the massive responsibility of being a General Manager of a company like WKTV. It makes more sense for Steve to be focusing on wearing one hat.

- As of right now the HD is still probably going to be late this year and early next year.

Jane Velez Mitchell - HLN

- Jane Velez Mitchell is an HLN anchor and she has a new book out called Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias.

- Jane gives us her take on the case and in true dramatic fashion re-tells the story of Jodi Arias and the murder of her boyfriend.

Karri Tibbitts - Tibbitts Farm in NH

- Karri is on to talk about Maple Syrup and lets us know that the ideal time for extracting Syrup is actually in the winter.

- People do associate syrup with the fall so it helps their sales during that time.

- Karri talks about the advanced system that extracts the syrup and with it they can get anywhere from 40 gallons to 1,000. It's called a vacuum system.

- Karri talks about what it takes to tap the sap. Ideally you want to wait til the tree is 40-years-old and you can tap it for over 100 years.

- Maple Weekend is going on in February or March you can stop into the farm and see what they do. They are featured at various local businesses.

Wrapping Up With Ray Rice Discussion

- We recap what has happened in the life of Ray Rice so far, but the wife came out yesterday to speak up for Ray Rice.

- Jeff gives his take on Ray Rice's wife's statements.

- William calls up to give his point as well.

- It's a man vs. woman thing not a bigger person vs. smaller person thing.

- Tom also calls up to give his take.

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