Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- The Greater Utica Chamber Community Business Expo is taking place today at the Utica Memorial Auditorium. Admission is free and the festivities start at 11 AM.

- We have been waiting on edge about the results from Bill's doctor's appointment. The reason he went to the doctor was because of a rash that he had developed on Monday night into Tuesday morning.

- The ultimate conclusion is that Bill's medicine for his acid reflux has caused the rash.


- Bill is in a positive mood today because he feels he is on the up swing.

- Adrian Peterson has been put on the "exempt list" which means he can not participate in any team activities or be anywhere near a team facility until the child abuse charges are taking care of.

- Ultimately it's the league and team having a knee-jerk reaction because of fear of losing sponsors.

- Anheuser-Busch has major concerns about what's going on in the NFL right now.

- Rhianna was not happy because CBS removed her song from Thursday Night Football because she was a victim of domestic violence. Now that they want to run it, she's saying no and not in a polite way.


- Walmart is having to refund a bunch of people's money because they have been charging people for a "sugar tax" which does not exist here in New York. We discuss how people would get paid back.

Photo Credit: Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images

- Bill talks about the Walmart app which keeps all your receipts saved.

- We talk more about Anheuser-Busch and their concern with the NFL's handling of the domestic and child abuse situations.

- Bill reveals that the NFL is a non-profit organization. With all that is happening, Congress is trying to hold a hearing to reverse that.

- We learn that a lot of the major professional sports are non-profit organizations.

- Richard Lewelling from the Weather Channel gives us good news! It will be a great rest of the week into the weekend.


- A father in Monroe, Michigan has forced his son to hold a sign that says "I like to hit little girls" on a busy street. Bill and Andrew do not feel that this warrants a call to CPS or social services.

- What this will turn into is a parental alienation situation with the fact that the mother will not allow the father to see the kid.


- There is outrage in New Jersey over a 19-year-old killed that was shot and killed by someone he didn't know, only because he's American. When the suspect was arrested for murder, he told police the motive for killing him was because of America's handling of the middle-east.

- There is a man in Rochester that has been arrested for ties to ISIS.

- Bill feels that the biggest fear of our government is the fact that there could be terrorists planted in many cities here in the US.

- We readdress the Rhianna issue of her song being pulled and wanting to put it back in.

Bruce Karam - Utica City Schools Superintendent

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

-Utica City School District Superintendent Bruce Karam is in studio today to talk about the fact that they will begin holding forums to answer questions, educate, and gain input from the major "stakeholders" in this extended school day grant.

- We talk about how the union feels about this and how important their input really is for the success of the program.

- They not only need teachers all-in, but parents as well. They have already had board meetings through Channel 3 to answer questions and to explain the programs.

- The plan for the forums is to explain all the rules and regulations of the grant according to the state, then there will be a question and answer session, and then there will be a public comment portion.


- Bill is convinced that this guy, Mike Stevens, who does YouTube videos for a living has taken some historic quotes and played them backwards to reveal a similar meaning.

- We play a clip of Lee Harvey Oswald, Neil Armstrong, and some Indian woman.

- We move on from that and Malcolm calls up to comment on the story of the father who punished his kid by making him hold a sign.

- Malcolm feels the father was right because he was in an abusive childhood and household and he learned early on never to raise his hand to his children or family.

Mark Doherty - Aqua Vita Farms Consulting

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- Mark Doherty is the owner of a farm space in Whitesboro and they used to be in Sherill. They took an old building and turned it into an indoor ecosystem.

- They used to take fish tank water and waste to grow produce and it helps the process.

- Now Mark is strictly consulting on farming and is located in Whitesboro. He explains why the Sherrill location failed and is now working on basement and garage conversions for people who want to grow produce all year round.

- They still use Aquaponics and Hydroponics as the major methods for growing produce.

- We bring up medicinal marijuana and the licensing details and specifics on the Compassionate Care Act.

- Mark will hold through the break.

Continuing With Mark Doherty

- We ask Mark about Cholesterol and how to help that and he talks about eating healthy. They are doing a class to teach people about aquaponics and hydroponics. This class is designed to teach controlled ecosystems indoors.

- They do use fish. So you have to make sure the fish matches up perfectly with your plant.

- These classes and systems can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to three to four thousand dollars depending on equipment.

- In this system (Aquaponics) the fish feeds the plant the plant feeds the fish, and the fish clean the water.

- With the Compassionate Care Act they have to be careful because organic becomes critical, because it won't be smoked. Everything will need to be concentrated including any pesticide or chemical fertilizer.

- Mark continues to explain the indoor growing process.

- Go to to register for the indoor growing class and if you type in "Keeler" you will not only get early bird pricing until Friday, you will also get 15% off for listening. The class is a three-day class from Friday, October 24th, 2014 - Sunday, October 26th, 2014.

Senator Liz Krueger - Legalizing Marijuana

- Senator Kruerger is not encouraging people to smoke pot, she doesn't smoke it herself, but her reason for wanting to legalize and tax marijuana because of the money spent combating it.

- Under her Bill, it would make it impossible to get a license to grow and sell the pot.

- She explains the specifics of her Bill.

- She touches on the prisoners that are still incarcerated and what would happen to them if her Bill was to pass.

Lori Vann - Professional Counselor

- A Rutgers University study has indicated that couples who have been married at least 39 years and are about 50 years old, are happier when the woman is happier.

- Tips to a successful relationship means making sure that the woman is happy and the relationship is happy are really communication.

- You have to get lucky and find the right person, but you have to trust the person and trust that they have your best interest at heart.

- Lori and Bill both agree that it's important to have a few classes or training/counseling for couples before the get married to prepare them for the marriage.

- Visit Lori's Website:


- Tom calls up to talk about Rob Astorino and Chuck Schumer coming to the area without notification.

- We also talk about NASA space taxis.

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