Utica, NY (WIBX) -  Landlord Timothy Klotz is suing the City of Utica, it's fire department and fire chief for the 2009 fire that killed four people.

Klotz accuses the fire department of negligence in using minimal effort to suppress the fire at 102 James Street. In his claim, Klotz says he has a sworn statement from a tenant, who says he told by a fire official, quote "...we are not risking any of our firefighters for anyone on James Street."

And, the suit also seeks compensation for what Klotz calls 'slanderous' statments that caused him financial harm and lead to stress, depression and a stroke. That includes comments made by city officials about smoke detectors and sprinklers inside the apartment building.

The claim alleges that Fire Chief Russell Brooks told Klotz, "The building is coming down because your sprinklers don't work," after Klotz asked why water wasn't being put on the fire.

Klotz seeking a total of $4.5 million dollars in compensation.

Timothy Klotz Summons and Complaint