Utica, NY (WIBX) - Kunkel Ambulance Service wants to collaborate with the City of Utica. Years of litigation between the two entities, competing to provide ambulance service in the community, officially ended when Governor Cuomo signed a bill granting the city a permanent Certificate of Need to continue operating.

Kunkel's Executive Vice President, Catherine Kunkel:

Some of the issues that need to be ironed out involve the current contingency plan says Kunkel. "The viability of our agency, I believe in the big picture of EMS, is critical.  And to me, a collaborative working mechanism is the best way to accomplish making sure that both entities remain viable," she said.

The dispute with Kunkel dates back to 2005, when the city started its ambulance service. Prior to that, the fire department provided medical care at the scene but then handed off the patient to Kunkel for transport. Kunkel says after recent meetings with Mayor Rob Palmieri, she's hopeful about a future partnership with Utica.

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