ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The leader of New York state's largest public-sector union compared Donald Trump to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin on Wednesday, saying the Republican president could have given tips to the three despots.

CSEA President Danny Donohue called the president "that lunatic in the White House" during an appearance in Manhattan with other labor leaders and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The men were discussing the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that government workers can't be forced to contribute to unions.

"If his idea of freedom is just do what I tell you, I know some people named Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin who he could have mentored," Donohue said.

Moments later, New York City teachers union President Michael Mulgrew condemned Trump and the Supreme Court justices behind the decision, saying he "will pray for them all when they're burning in hell."

Cuomo has repeatedly criticized Trump's policies and decisions but has pointedly avoided name-calling. He sat largely expressionless during the remarks, offering only a polite smile.

Cuomo was measured when asked about the comments.

"I have political differences with this president, no doubt," he told reporters.

The Civil Service Employees Association represents state and local government employees, school district workers and others.

In response to Wednesday's ruling, Cuomo signed an executive order exempting the home addresses and phone numbers of public workers from open records requests. Cuomo said such information could be used by anti-union groups to harass union members — though such information could already be withheld under current law.

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