Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol was joined on Thursday by Sheriff's from five counties and local law enforcement officials to urge state lawmakers to examine the impacts of sweeping criminal justice reform laws.

The new laws are set to take effect on January 1st.

Maciol says there are serious concerns over New York's new bail and discovery laws.

Maciol says under bail reform, bail cannot be set for crimes including burglary, robbery, reckless endangerment, criminal sale of a controlled substance and vehicular manslaughter.

He says a result, over 150 inmates will have to be released from the County jail next month.

Another bill overhauls the discovery process and requires an expedited timeline for prosecutors to provide evidence to the defense.

District Attorney Scott McNamara says prosecutors will have to automatically turn over discovery on every case they prosecute within 15 days or arraignment.  McNamara says that is physically impossible.

Maciol says  the criminal justice reform bills were passed without the input of law enforcement officials.

Today's news conference was one of ten held simultaneously across the state.

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