Ewe won't believe this live performance of life as a sheep that has people talking in Central New York.

Art can be interpreted in many ways. What one may call a masterpiece, another could see as just squiggly lines on a canvas. The same can be said for live performance art. Some like opera or ballet, while others prefer Broadway. Art is meant to start a conversation by evoking an emotion - happiness, anger, amazement, and even confusion.

A live performance of how sheep spend their time did all that and so much more at the Little Falls Cheese Festival.

Les Moutons is a show from Canada that merges reality with fantasy. The story features three ewes and a young ram going through their sheep routine - shearing, feeding, milking, and more. The Toronto dance theater group has over 400 performances in 25 countries, including Little Falls, New York.

"These performers remind us of the wonderful dairy animals behind our favorite cheeses," the Little Falls Cheese Festival shared on Facebook.

This project was made possible with the funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the NYS Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor's Office and the NYS Legislature and administered by CNY Arts.

Inappropriate or Art?

Not everyone was as excited to see the sheep art, calling it everything from ridiculous, disturbing, and even uncomfortable to watch. "It was very inappropriate and kids were scared," Barbara White Dyer shared before commenting was turned off on the Littel Falls Cheese Festival Facebook post.

The kids seemed to be enjoying feeding the sheep in a video John Hall shared from the festival.

Milking Sheep

The sheep milking definitely made people stop and watch.

Peeing Sheep

The peeing sheep raised more than a few eyebrows. The video has gone viral on TikTok and has been marked as sensitive.

Credit - Josh Watson via TikTok
Credit - Josh Watson via TikTok

Sheep Start Conversation

If art is meant to start a conversation, people are not only talking about this live performance, but they're also talking about little old Little Falls all over social media.

"Wow, people have no sense of humor. That's what's wrong with this country. I thought it was hilarious." - Barbara Blake

"That's not art it's disgusting and just not right." - Donna Clifford

"I do not see anything entertaining about this. It’s strange and disturbing." - Dawn Kochan

"It was uncomfortable to watch really." - Rebecca Sadlon

What are your thoughts on the live performance being held at the Little Falls Cheese Festival? Creative or just bizarre? Let us know in our station app.

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