Do you believe in spirits? If not, you may change your mind after seeing what a Little Falls, New York woman captured on her security camera.

Carrie Heath lost her mother, Patricia Heath almost two years ago. "I was very close to my mother. When she passed it killed me and I haven't gotten over it," said Heath.

Heath's 83-year-old father now lives with her and her family. She bought a security camera to keep an eye on him when she's not at home. But what she captured on that camera, was something that left her speechless. "I knew that was my mother," said Heath. "When I first saw that picture I couldn't believe it. I was shocked and I cried, but and I was happy to see her."

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Back in 2004, Heath says her mom broke her left wrist. "After that she would always carry her arm at an angle just like in the picture."

Credit - Carrie Heath
Credit - Carrie Heath

If that's not convincing or eerie enough, Heath says her family has a thing with 7. "That image was caught at 12:13am and if you add those numbers up it comes up to be 7."

Heath says her mom was a strong, caring, stubborn woman who cared about her family. "Family meant everything to her. I hope to see her again someday. But I just hope that she is resting peacefully and not worrying about us."

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