Officials in one New York region are worried about mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

A state of emergency is in effect in Madison County because authorities believe that Eastern Equine Encephalitis, known commonly as "Triple E," and West Nile virus pose an imminent threat to public health.

Several mosquito pools in the county have tested positive for EEE and West Nile.

The health department says a mosquito spray is expected to take place this week.  As of this posting sprayings could take place as early as Thursday, August 13, 2015.  Spraying is weather-dependent.

Warning will be given to residents twenty-four hours in advance.  Residents may sign up for notifications via the New York Alert System.  Alerts can be seen via landline, cellular telephone, and / or electronic mail.  To sign up for personal notification visit:

Those who have outdoor food and water vessels for livestock and beekeepers are among those advised to take special precautions to prevent contamination by pesticides.

Triple-E was found in a total of four mosquito pools and West Nile was found in one as of August 6th.  The two that most recently tested positive were in the Black Creek Swamp area in the Town of Sullivan.

The viruses could be transmitted to human beings through the bite of a mosquito.

It is estimated that aerial spraying will successfully reduce the mosquito population for two weeks, after which time it may be necessary to spray again.





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