The Magic Mike movies became huge hits in movie theaters. Groups of women went to see the film together and have a grand old time watching Channing Tatum and his crew of extremely handsome, extremely shirtless men chase their showbiz dreams while dancing sexily for several hours. It never made sense to me that you would make a third Magic Mike film and release it on streaming instead of in theaters. These are party movies!

It seems like someone at Warner Bros. agreed because now, after announcing last November that Magic MIke’s Last Dance would debut on HBO Max, the company has now reversed course and decided to release it in theaters first, with a premium VOD release to follow, followed eventually by a streaming debut on HBO Max.

The news was reported by Deadline, who notes that the decision follows similar recent moves by the new regime at Warner Bros. Discovery to cut back on movies intended exclusively for streaming — like the planned Batgirl movie that was shot for HBO Max and then shelved when it was determined it could not be easily increased in scale and scope in order to make it fit for theatrical release. Apparently in the case of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, you need no additional expansion to make it big-screen ready. Channing Tatum’s abs are the only special effect you need in a movie theater.

Each of the first two Magic Mikes grossed over $100 million worldwide; they also inspired a live stage show and a reality TV series. This upcoming film also marks the return of director Steven Soderbergh, who helmed the original film, but then only worked on the previous sequel, Magic Mike XXL, as a cinematographer and editor.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance will premiere in theaters on February 10, 2023. Your Valentine’s Day plans are now set.

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