With many people confined to their home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a long walk becomes a welcome comfort. One Marcy couple decided to go the extra mile.

John and Joanna Naegele decided to add a garbage pickup adventure to their early morning stroll. The area they targeted is one that is literally, close to home. John Naegele posted photos of the adventure on his Facebook and encouraged people in a blunt way, to stop littering. Some expletives may have been used.

In addition to collecting trash, the Naegele's were amazed at some of the other items people hurled out of their vehicles near the East River Road exit. Naegele writes,

...no poopy baby diapers thank God. Did find two books about a mile apart. A Tale of Two Cities, which is a great book but man is it heavy. Also something about Christmas. When you find yourself throwing books out your window it’s time to have a little chat with yourself.

Photo Courtesy of John Naegele via Facebook

The most prized possession discovered by Naegele is his new favorite hat. Naegele has some good ones, but this one is on fire! Thank you to John and Joanna for being the furthest thing from selfish and cleaning up our area highways.

Naegele says, "we've been doing this at least once a week since this whole thing happened." He also let us know some of the crazier items he's found. One of the weirdest items was a full VCR machine, if you remember what that is. Naegele said the day of the VCR discovery, he and two others filled 9 garbage bags, some of which are already in the dumpster in the photo below.

Photo Courtesy of John Naegele

Another encouraging sign is the amount of other people out there doing the same thing Naegele and his wife are doing. Naegele says, "People should keep some garbage bags and gloves in their car so when they go to their favorite places they can mitigate the damage selfish lazy jerks do, instead of just being pissed off by it."