I understand he's kinda tired of being cooped up in rehab and wants to do more than just watch Mets baseball, but the Matt Harvey drama over silliness is starting to concern me.

After the front office asked the healing hurler to remove a twitter photo of himself holding up one finger - the middle one - on a hospital bed, Harvey deleted his entire twitter account which had over 100,000 followers.

The photo apparently was taken just prior to his Tommy John surgery last year. Harvey says his mother took the pic and he just tweeted it this week to mark the six month anniversary of the operation, reports Mets.com:

"It was me showing a little bit of my personality before surgery," Harvey said. "I'm not going to apologize for being myself and having a good laugh at a funny little picture. I've kind of had enough with Twitter and not being able to show your personal side. I'll keep those pictures to myself."

Understandable, but what parent hears that story and doesn't say, 'I remember when my child used to act that way.'

It's the 2014 version of pouting on social media.

Did he really think the Mets would be 'cool' with him flipping the bird in a tweet?

And, don't forget he threatened to contact the players' union this spring when he thought he was being scolded for doing an interview.

Turns out that incident was a misunderstanding of sorts - the Mets said they discouraged him from doing one-on-one's as opposed to press conferences for fear of complaints about showing preference to certain media.

Let's just hope his future headlines are more about what he's doing on the field rather than what his is saying or doing off of it.

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