Two fandoms are uniting and the world may implode: Matt Smith of 'Doctor Who' has just signed on to play the male lead in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, 'How to Make a Monster.' Gosling fans and 'Doctor Who' fans, together at last. Think of the memes!

Variety reports that British actor Matt Smith has just signed on for the male lead opposite Christina Hendricks in 'How to Make a Monster,' the directorial debut from perfect human Ryan Gosling. In the film, Hendricks plays Billy, a single mother who ventures into a dark underworld, while her missing teenage son discovers a town underwater.

Also on board are Ben Mendelsohn, who stars with Gosling in the upcoming Derek Cianfrance film 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' and Eva Mendes, Gosling's real-life girlfriend.

As if it's not enough to have Ryan Gosling and arguably the best modern incarnation of the famed time-traveling Doctor working together, there's also the pairing of Hendricks and Smith to look forward to. This is like fanfic come to life for those who are fans of 'Doctor Who,' Gosling, and 'Mad Men.'

Smith has played the titular Doctor on BBC's 'Doctor Who' for three seasons now, with a new season starting in late March, and while his resume is slim so far, he's proved to be an incredible actor in the short time we've been watching him.