On October 22nd, meet Travel Channel's Gettysburg Ghost Gals at our Herkimer Crossroads Haunted event. They are America’s all female Paranormal Team.

All of the Gals have been conducting countless investigations over 20 years, in Gettysburg and across the country. They have become experts in the field of historical and paranormal research of Gettysburg Battlefield and beyond. The Gals tour the United States lecturing about their expertise of Hauntings of the Gettysburg Battlefield and their cases they have investigated over the years.

The Gals are also Authors. In 2016 they released their second book in a series entitled “Gettysburg Ghost Gals True Hauntings Of A Ghost Town”, Union and Confederate Editions. A first in the Paranormal nonfiction genre, same text,  2 color theme editions.


Meet The Crew


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Brigid is the founder and owner of the Gettysburg Ghost Gals. She is also in charge of all the technical equipment, evidence review, website, and social media.She believes in the existence of ghosts, but believes some paranormal experiences can be debunked.



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Jenny is the gals Medium Investigator of the group. She uses her beliefs on spirituality, with a mix of scientific reasoning. Jenny loves using the latest gadgets and gizmos in the field.



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Tracy is a former US Army military intelligence analyst, who served for 10 years, takes the supernatural world very seriously. Being a military brat growing up, she had the opportunity to live all over the world. She had her first paranormal experience at 14 and has continued her quest to prove that there is a thin veil between life and death.



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Jen is a lawyer by day, paranormal investigator by night. Blogging as The Haunted Feminist, she employs hard work, science, a healthy skepticism, and sometimes dangerously stupid stunts to get to the truth.