Have you ever wondered what New York state’s favorite romantic comedy is? Sure you have! Don’t even act like you haven’t! 

Well, wonder no more. According to a study done by USDish, an authorized DISH retailer, the most popular ‘90s rom-com in New York state is… drumroll please… 1990’s Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. 

These findings were assembled in a state-by-state chart which you can view here. It was executed by compiling a list of romantic comedies released during the 1990s, then plugging those titles into Google Trends for each state.

1993’s Clueless and 1997’s My Best Friend’s Wedding were the most popular romantic comedies, tied at 12 states apiece for most-searched. Father of the Bride was a close second, with 10 different states frantically hammering it into the Google search bar. Somewhat interestingly, Pretty Woman was the most popular in just one other state besides New York, and that was Mississippi. 

If romantic comedies are your thing, one could argue that New York has pretty decent taste. After all, Pretty Woman was the highest-grossing rom-com of the 1990s and it garnered Julia Roberts an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. She stars as a hapless Hollywood sex worker who develops a relationship with a wealthy businessman she’s hired to escort for. The film is still considered one of Roberts’ iconic roles.

It also worked out pretty well for Richard Gere, as you can see from this $28M New York compound that’s now up for sale. 

So what say you, New York: Is Pretty Woman YOUR favorite romantic comedy? 

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