With the New York Mets playing on the left coast against the San Diego Padres, baseball fans may have missed Pete Alonso's monstrous home run in the ninth inning Tuesday night that ultimately won it for the Mets.

It was come from behind win for the Mets who would hold on for a 7-6 win, and the latest on a growing list of clutch hits and big home runs the rookie Alonso is quickly building his reputation on. It stands out because the young first baseman had just been called out.

The call out came from Padres pitcher, Chris Paddock, also a rookie, who may believe he was more deserving than Alonso of the April NL Rookie of the Month Award.

Alonso won the award by hitting 9 HRs, droving in 23 and batting .266 for the month.

Paddock was 2-1 with a 1.93 ERA in April and currently leads the National League with a 1.55 ERA for the season.


"He's a great player, no doubt," Paddack said. "Does he deserve (the Rookie of the Month honor)? Absolutely. But I'm coming for him. We'll see Monday who the top dog is. That's something I'm looking forward to, for sure. And I'm not saying that in a cocky way. I'm saying that because I know what I want, just like I'm sure he knows what he wants. It'll be a fun little matchup.

"Do I wish it was me? Yeah. But the way I look at it is, do you want to be Rookie of the Month or Rookie of the Year? We'll see, man. We've got a long season and I'm looking forward to Monday, competing against him."

Paddock started Monday and backed up his words, earning a victory in the 4-0 Padres' win held Alonso 0-3 at the plate including two strikeouts.

But Alonso bounced back in booming fashion on Tuesday by clubbing the game winner. There was a bat flip, too, straight up into the air. And, it may have almost hit the umpire, who said something to the 24-year-old after he crossed the plate.

San Diego got the better of the Mets in the series finale on Wednesday as Padre outfielder Manuel Margot robbed Alonso of another home run in 2-2 game in the sixth. The Pads' would go on to win the game 3-2.

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