Today marked the launch of the Greater Mohawk Valley STEM hub of the Empire State STEM learning network. STEM is a program designed to advance the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to prepare students for careers in those fields.

The STEM Hub will focus on project based instruction to elementary and middle schoolers, credit-bearing high school courses and adding new STEM based courses to the BOCES curriculum.

"STEM is a key economic driver in our region and our state," said Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES District Superintendent Howard Mettelman. "We must meet the increasing demand for engineers, scientists and technically skilled workers through innovative teaching and regional collaboration. The Greater Mohawk Valley STEM Hub is one step forward for our region in closing the gap to develop more of the talent in the science, technology, engineering and math fields."

"Having a cohesive STEM education program is a critical driver to a successful 21st century economy," Said Mohawk Valley EDGE Senior Vice President Shawna Papale. "Many of our region's key industry clusters rely on a STEM educated workforce to continue to innovate and grow. Without the cornerstone of an educated workforce, they are forced to locate elsewhere."

The STEM program aims to offer students the opportunity to explore 21st century career and education paths.

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