More than 14,000 tickets were issued during this year's "Operation Work Brake" initiative.

The yearly campaign is conducted by State Police and the New York State Thruway Authority to raise awareness of the dangers of reckless driving in work zones at the start of highway construction season.

This year's enforcement efforts took place from April  22nd to 26th and were expanded to include Department of Transportation work zones around the state.

"In the wake of the loss of one of our own DOT workers earlier this year, we will continue to double down on our efforts to educate motorists about work zone safety and its importance in protecting workers, drivers and passengers," Governor Andrew Cuomo said. "Our message is clear—those who jeopardize the safety of others on our highways will be held accountable, and State Troopers will continue to aggressively patrol in and around our work zones to help prevent a tragedy like this from happening again."

Here is the breakdown of the top categories for tickets issued statewide:

  • Move Over, 411
  • Speeding, 5,225
  • Work Zone Speeding, 683
  • Distracted Driving, 579

Troopers issued more than 2,600 tickets on the Thruway during this year's campaign, an increase of over 300 from last year.