The president of Mohawk Valley Health System is reiterating that Utica's police headquarters and adjacent city courthouse aren't in the footprint of the proposed downtown hospital. 

In a statement, President and CEO Scott Perra says:

“As we have previously stated, and is shown in the site plan that was released in November 2017, the City of Utica’s police station and court house are not included in the property that will be purchased by the Mohawk Valley Health System for the new hospital. At this time there are no plans for the hospital to acquire those properties.”

Perra's statement comes after comments made by Utica's police chief on the Keeler in the Morning Show on Tuesday.

Mark Williams told WIBX, "I think it's pretty clear based on the footprint of the hospital that they eventually would like to acquire us. Being that we're in an antiquated building that we outgrew decades ago, we've all known this, that this might be the right opportunity to leave," he added.

Williams also noted that the existing  hospital footprint includes taking several 'key elements' from the Utica Police Station, like the parking lot for police and the public and the UPD's maintenance building.

Hospital officials also pointed to current renderings of the project (above) which depict the completed campus - including main hospital building and parking garage, along with the existing police station and city courthouse.

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