What is an old, random tire doing in my car? That's the question a Central New Yorker is asking after finding one in his trunk.

"Is it bad that I have no idea how this tire got in my trunk," WIBX morning co-host Andrew Derminio, asked on Facebook?

Turns out, Andrew #GotTired by Polly and Carl in honor of Tad's re-TIRE-ment from the Big Frog 104 morning show.

It all started with Tad, Carl, and I talking about how to get rid of old tires, that we had sitting in the back of our vehicle. You can't just toss them in the garbage. That led to a tradition that my friends play, where they trade hiding an object in each other's home. When one couple finds it, they rehide in the other's house the next time they stop over for a friendly visit.

Why can't we do the same thing with a tire? So two co-workers #GotTired by myself and Tad's morning show replacement, Carl.


One has been found by Andrew, who is now responsible for rolling the tire down the road. There's no givesies backsies.

Forget those silly flamingos people put in yards as a prank. Get rid of your old tires instead. We actually have two more sitting in a shed that Carl and I will find new homes for. Be on the lookout to see who will be next to celebrate Tad's re-TIRE-ment and the addition of Carl to your mornings.

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