NEW YORK (AP) — A Manhattan nanny convicted of stuffing a baby wipe down the throat of a 2-month-old boy in her care, nearly killing the child, was sentenced on Monday to 15 years in prison.

"Marianne Benjamin-Williams sealed her own fate when she attempted to murder the two-month-old child left in her care in such a violent, gruesome manner," Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said in a statement. "Her crime continues to haunt the family and has left an indelible mark on their now-two-year-old son's life."

The 47-year-old nanny was found guilty of attempted murder, assault, strangulation and other charges after just one day of deliberations.

Little Maxwell Blutreich was limp, blue and gasping for breath when he was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in May of 2017, prosecutors said. During emergency surgery, doctors discovered a balled-up baby wipe lodged deep in the child's airway.

Prosecutors argued that Benjamin-Williams was frustrated with the baby's incessant crying and unhappy with her pay.

Benjamin-Williams testified she never tried to kill the infant and even tried to save him. She did admit to lying about her age, education and references to get the job. Her lawyer argued that Maxwell could have accidentally sucked in the baby wipe.

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