Oneida County added 90 positive cases of COVID-19 on Saturday and Sunday, and two people died from the virus, according to the Oneida County Department of Health. So far, 141 county residents have died.

Spikes of positive cases over the last three weeks are beginning to show up with a steep increase in hospitalizations locally. As of Sunday at noon, 47 Oneida County residents were hospitalized with the virus, 15 of whom are nursing home residents. 33 of those people requiring hospitalization are at MVHS.

Active cases in the county have dipped slightly. On Friday, there were 987 active positive cases. Following resolved cases on Saturday and Sunday, there are now 915 active COVID cases.

Oneida County still remains on the border of yellow zone restrictions, which means a region's positivity rate is at or above three-percent. Currently, Oneida County's COVID-19 positivity rate remains at 2.9-percent.

There was one possible public exposures over the weekend, at El Barajo Restaurant on Bleecker Street in Utica between November 12th and 14th.

Here are the Oneida County COVID-19 case numbers as of 12 p.m.

  • 34 new positive cases, 4,038* total (*Upon further investigation, 1 positive case was removed from the previous total.)
  • 915 active positive cases.
  • No new COVID-19-related deaths, 141 total.
  • 40 patients are hospitalized in Oneida County. 33 at MVHS. 7 at Rome Memorial.
  • 15 are nursing home residents.
  • 7 patients are hospitalized out of county.
  • 2,982 positive cases have been resolved.
  • 275,610 total negative results.
  • 279,648 total tests conducted.
  • 915 in mandatory isolation.
  • 1,489 in mandatory quarantine.


Updated Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard:

Potential Public Exposures

11/12/20 – 11/14/20

Time of exposure: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (employee shift)

Place of exposure: El Barajo Restaurant

Address: 672 Bleecker St., Utica

Wore mask: Yes

Symptom monitoring: through 11/26, 11/27 & 11/28


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