Albany, NY (WIBX) - If you plan to use phosphorus based fertilizers on your lawn this spring, the DEC is warning residents of new regulations to protect the state's water supplies.

New provisions to the "NYS Dishwater Detergent and Nutrient Runoff Law"  went into effect January 1st.

Under the new law, only certain phosphorous fertilizers with less than .67 percent by weight phosphate content can be applied without penalty. Fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium may not be applied to lawns between December 1st and April 1st, or within 20 feet of a water body.

In addition, stores must separate phosphorus fertilizers from their counterparts and post signs alerting customers of the law change.

The DEC says phosphorus has been linked to degraded water supplies and reduced oxygen levels for fish. More than 70 state water bodies for drinking water are currently impaired, including Onondaga Lake and Lake Champlain.

The full text of the NYS Dishwasher Detergent and Nutrient Runoff Law can be found here.