Good news! If you want to practice law and make a bunch of money doing it, you can make it happen with a degree from several New York institutions.

Obtaining a law degree is no easy path. It's costly, time consuming and downright brain bending. Not to mention that, even after surviving all the hurdles law school has to offer, prospective lawyers still have to pass the Bar exam.

While I am not a lawyer, nor will I ever embrace my inner Elle Woods, I am lucky to have a sister who went through all the trials and tribulations of law school and the numerous law exams.

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That said, I have a deep appreciation and respect for those who still decided to go through with obtaining their degree.

While a career in law can be lucrative, a new study found that two New York schools have produced the highest-earning grads in the nation.

"What, like it's hard?"

Move over Harvard, it appears New York is the place to produce quality grad students.

Don't believe me? Ask the experts, Florida personal injury lawyers Anidjar & Levine, who analyzed data from American Bar Association accredited schools about how much their grads earn.

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In the end, New York secured two spots in the top five - with a Central New York university claiming the #1 spot.

Coming in fourth place overall was New York University, with grads making an average salary of $137,921 two years after securing their diploma.

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That number jumps to $183,529 four years after graduation, which is 180% over the average among the 150 top-earning schools. The school has produced several famous lawyers, including John F. Kennedy Jr. and Rudy Giuliani.

What CNY School is #1

Congratulations are in order to Cornell University, which produces the top earning law grads in the entire United States.

The earnings blow second-place Yale University out of the water.

For example, Yale students make an average salary of $132,032 after two years post graduation. As for Cornell, that number is a whopping $172,867!

Four years post grad, a Yale student's average salary grows to $204,668 - but Cornell's balloons to $249,283.

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Out of all ABA-accredited colleges, Cornell produces the highest earners nationwide two and four years post-graduation. Their numbers are 282% over the average for the top-earning 150 law schools, which is $65,330.

Cornell also boasts some pretty famous alumni, with many of them going on to serve in Congress, Secretary of State, and even as former presidents of the International Criminal Court.

The Top 5

Here's the top 10 universities that produce the highest-earning grads.

Credit - ia_64/Think Stock
Credit - ia_64/Think Stock

1. Cornell University
2. Yale University
3. Duke University
4. New York University
5. Georgetown University
6. The School of Law at Santa Clara
7. University of Florida
8. Boston University
9. Seton Hall University
10. Loyola University Chicago

Weird to not see Harvard on this list, huh? Guess it means if Legally Blonde ever gets a sequel, she might have her sights set on the Tri-State Area.

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