It comes as no surprise that people are moving out of New York state at alarming rates. But where they're moving from may surprise you.

Pods compiled a list of moving trends over the past year and New York seems like a no-brainer when it comes to the loss of residents. But it's not New York City people are fleeing from.

Surprisingly, data shows a high number of moves out of two secondary cities in New York state, possibly a result of people relocating after their initial pandemic moves out of NYC.

It's Long Island and the Hudson Valley where all the moving vans are leaving from. The Sunshine state tops the list with Los Angeles and Northern California as the top two cities people are fleeing.

Where People Are Moving To

So the question is, where is everyone moving to? No surprise here - where there is warmer weather.

4 of the top 10 towns that people are moving to are in Florida. Nashville and Knoxville Tennessee also made the list along with Dallas, Myrtle Beach, and Atlanta.

These states have historically lower costs of living, less volatile seasonal weather changes, and more space and access to nature.

Cost of living, taxes, and weather are all major factors in people leaving New York. But politics also may play a role too.

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