There is a revolutionary app now available in New York State! No, we're not talking about the mobile COVID vaccination card. This is actually a useful and exciting app that will make air travel more convenient and will make it near impossible to lose your physical driver's license.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has announced the release of New York Mobile ID. This app offers a convenient, contactless and secure way to prove who you are. But, it is not a full replacement for the physical license, permit or legal ID. There are several circumstance in which you can use the app for identification proof and you do not need WiFi or cellular service to use the app.

According to the New York State DMV website,

New York MiD can be used the same ways you use your ID today to verify your age or identity. Now, with MiD, you have full control over the information you share with an MiD verifier. MiD is not just a picture of your physical license, permit, or non-driver ID. It cannot be accepted by visually showing the app to a verifier.

For instance, when the clerk at a convenience store asks to see your ID they can scan a QR code right on your mobile device to verify your age.

The New York State DMV website also explains how it technically works. Once the QR code is scanned a secure, encrypted channel between your smartphone and the verifier’s device is established. The DMV says,

Once the secure, encrypted channel is created between the devices, the verifier will send a request to your smartphone for what identity data they wish to verify. Before any data is provided to the verifier, you must give your approval to release the requested identity data to the verifier. When any data is approved and shared by you, included in what is provided to the verifier is an encrypted key signature that allows the verifier to know the mobile ID was issued by the NYS DMV and can be trusted. You do not need to hand over your phone to present your MiD. 

You will always be in charge of the release of information. You can always either accept or deny the request.

This new MiD app will also make air travel that much more convenient. The TSA has confirmed that you will be able to present the MiD app before going through security at any airport. No more panicked fumbling through wallets or purses as the long line behind you grunts and groans. That is very exciting.

One of the main reasons you will still need to keep your physical license or ID is not all businesses accept MiD yet. You can look for the MiD sticker on a businesses window. Also, not all law enforcement agencies accept MiD yet. If you get pulled over you will still need that license card. You do NOT want to be in a situation without your license when pulled over by a cop.

This is a great advancement for the DMV and it will definitely make things a lot easier. The air travel convenience is the most exciting part. The app is available on compatible smartphones through the App Store or Google Play.

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