The State of Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Ian last month with more than 100 people confirmed dead as a result of the storm. How did Ian impact New York? You might be surprised.

Here is New York we didn't experience the wind and torrential downpours of Ian but we could be effected by the hurricane in unexpected ways, including the next car you buy.

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New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is alerting you to beware in the next few weeks or months. Especially if you are shopping for a used vehicle. The danger is, some of the cars that make their way to our state could have flood damage from storms such as Ian.

Just because a used car looks fine does not mean it is free of substantial damage. We know that a car is among the biggest purchases someone can make, and we want to be sure people know the steps to take to protect themselves from buying a flood-damaged vehicle. - DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder

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A vehicle with flood damage could have issues with the engine or transmission and corrode wiring. The water could also harm the airbag or destroy the car's computers. How do you know if a vehicle has flood damage?

One way to protect yourself when buying any used vehicle is to go to the National Insurance Crime Bureau to determine if the vehicle has been reported as salvaged or stolen. Just enter the VIN and see the results.

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Certainly not all car dealerships are bad but some will attempt to hide damage by taking a vehicle from a flooded area to another state. Then they get a new title and try to sell it. Beware.

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