Christmas is called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. The holiday lights, Christmas presents, Christmas music, cookies, food, the snowfall -- it makes adults feel like kids again. You can count me in that group as well.

We've all read the book or at least have seen the movie, "The Polar Express." It's about a young boy who magically comes across a train to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. It's one of those stories that captivates you as a kid.

In actuality, the true North Pole is thousands of miles away at the top of the Northern Hemisphere, but did you know that there's a North Pole right here in the State of New York?

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The town is actually called North Pole, NY, although it's technically a hamlet of the town of Wilmington, NY, which is roughly a five and a half hour drive from Buffalo.

North Pole, NY is what you dream of for a Christmas town. It has an actual Christmas amusement park called Santa's Workshop, and features rides and attractions, along with Santa himself to greet and meet kids to give them the Christmas spirit in person.

It has a train ride and holiday light display as well, along with this region of New York State having a very high probability for a white Christmas.

The actual hamlet and amusement park reminds people of those old-timey towns that have snow covered grounds and houses with nothing but Christmas cheer in the air.

If you love Christmas, then visiting the North Pole in New York and Santa's Workshop is a must for everyone.

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