Although grocery prices are skyrocketing, shoppers say there's a handful of stores with the fairest prices of all - and there's several locations right here in Upstate New York.

Inflation Is the Gift that Keeps on Giving


During my most-recent grocery run, I bought a half-pound of deli meat, two grapefruits, a dozen eggs, low fat cottage cheese and 2 boxes of cereal that were buy one, get one free. Despite my efforts to only get what I absolutely needed, I still forked over $20 to buy everything.

Due to rising costs, I strictly allocate $100 per month to pay for my groceries, which was more than generous amount 2 years ago. Now, it's a struggle to stay under that number.

According to a recent report from Zippia, the average a 2-person household in New York spends $482.87 a month on groceries.

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It's understandable why Americans are only buying the strict necessities and aren't grabbing an extra candy bar or jar of peanut butter when perusing the aisles. While some people have completely changed their shopping habits, others have given up on their favorite grocery chain in favor of those with better prices.

Thankfully for those in the Empire State, the most-affordable chain has plenty of locations in New York.

America's Most Affordable Grocery Retailers


A recent survey from US News and World looked into the grocery stores with the best and worst prices. Shockingly, the majority of stores to make the cut don't have a presence in New York State.

While residents patiently wait for chains like Grocery Outlet, WinCo Foods, Market Basket and Woodman's Markets - the #1 chain does have a super strong presence in the Empire State.

With over 125 locations in New York, Aldi was named the chain that offers shoppers the best value for their money.

Jake Hill, CEO of the personal finance website DebtHammer, told the outlet:

One of the cheapest grocery stores in the U.S. right now is ALDI, which has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. Many diehard fans enjoy the quality and exclusivity of most of ALDI's products, including the ever-changing seasonal items lineup.

The reason why Aldi's prices are inexpensive is because the chain mostly avoids brand names. Taste of Home explains that 90 percent of its inventory comes from private brands, which cuts out the middle men.

In addition, the store sells overstock or discontinued offerings of the few brand-name product it offers.

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Those who choose to shop at Aldi will happily reveal just how much they save on their monthly grocery bill. With 128 locations around New York and a generous number here in the Mohawk Valley.

Locations include Utica, New Hartford, Ilion, Rome, Yorkville and more.

The only other chain on the list to have locations in New York was Costco, which was ranked the 7th most affordable chain by US News. Said the outlet, ""75% of survey respondents said Costco offers value for your money."

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

There are 19 Costco warehouses found in New York State. If the idea of buying items in bulk and saving a bunch of cash while doing so, the nearest Costco is located in Syracuse.

As for the final chain in New York to offer the nation's best grocery prices, the honor goes to the German chain Lidl, which appears to only have locations in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island at the moment. The study found 83 percent of shoppers saying the chain gives them the best value for their money, saying it offers high-quality produce "at unbelievably low prices."

Lidl originated in Ludwigshafen back in 1973 and has since spread to 32 other countries, including the U.S. in 2015. The chain has 181 stores on the East Coast, so it's possible the chain will eventually migrate into Central New York and further shake up our competitive grocery market.

What other stores do you visit in hopes of scoring a bargain?

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