With Syracuse University Men's Basketball entering the Sweet 16, fans will eagerly be waiting for Saturday's game against Houston. Those excited fans will have to wait until 9:55PM for that game to tip off and for now that means they won't be able to go to a bar or restaurant to watch it.

Of course, they could watch the first half of the game, but who really wants to go to one location for the first half and then have to move to another? Restaurant workers would have to kick out their crowd at halftime and that may make some eatery owners say, "Ah, what's the point?"

Well, it is possible that the Governor and his New York State Department of Health may possibly consider extending the curfew for bars & restaurants on Saturday night to accommodate the late tip time. According to Syracuse.com Cuomo said during a press conference in New York City, "We are actively looking at it. If we can do it safely we will." The Syracuse.com article also stated,

State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said he and his staff are reviewing the matter, but want to ensure any decision keeps people safe.

Many maintain they do not know the difference between the rate of possible infection at 11PM as opposed to 12AM, but all safety measures would have to be considered. Hopefully, the Coronavirus can stay at bay long enough for those 'Cuse crazies to see a game out somewhere, all while supporting a local business. Regardless of where you watch the game, hopefully The Orange pull out a win and move on the Elite 8. With Syracuse in 'The Big Dance' anything is possible.

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