If New Yorkers could be anything they wanted, barring money, they resoundingly say they would want to be where the books and food are.

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Bakeries, Bookstores and Baristas

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With inflation, skyrocketing cost of living, and everything else that causes your wallet to let off a death rattle at every store - chances are not many New Yorkers feel they can pursue their dream job.

That is why some jobs in industries like tech and IT are booming while others, like in food service, are struggling.

HostingAdvice asked New Yorkers to step away from reality and be honest about the job they truly wished they had. They also asked residents to name their dream job that is practically safe from the jaws of AI advancement.

In the end, New Yorkers picked the three Bs: Bookstores, Bakeries, and Boutiques.

New York's Top Dream Jobs

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Coming in third place was owning a specialty coffee boutique. It seems respondents were open to the idea of smelling coffee roasting and hearing the dulcet sound of milk steaming under a wand. The study also found that no matter how much AI advances, the program cannot substitute human ingenuity when it comes to determining what can and can't be made into a latte.

Second place went to the bookstore, with residents yearning to work a job where they spend day turning pages, talking about their favorite authors, and hosting special events around favorite literary figures.

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As for why AI cannot touch this job is that it depends on offering "curated experiences and foster community engagement through events. This business is about leveraging cultural trends and consumer desire for authentic experiences to create a thriving, intellectually rich environment."

Finally, in the number one spot was owning an artisanal bakery. Who wouldn't love making scrumptious treats and delicacies all day while listening to the fresh crunch of bread or cinnamon and cocoa whispering against a freshly baked cookie?

AI apparently cannot touch this profession because even mass production hasn't been successful in replicating a chain artisanal bakery.

Other Dream Professions

Petsmart Stores Show High Earnings
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

In all, eight professions made the top of New Yorkers' wish lists. Take a peek at what earned the highest marks and let us know if you've ever wondered what it'd be like to work that job.

  1. Artisanal Bakery
  2. Boutique Bookstore
  3. Specialty Coffee Shop
  4. Pet Boutique and Grooming Service
  5. Health and Wellness Retreat
  6. Gourmet Food Truck
  7. Art Gallery and Studio Space
  8. Eco-Friendly Home Goods Store

You can see what people from other states voted for by checking out the interactive map.

Do you think any of these jobs are in danger should the AI revolution take over the workforce? Let us know in the comments below.

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