All Six Flags parks, including two in New York State, have made a pretty big change to the 2022 season.

All Six Flags locations nationwide have dropped the Unlimited Dining Plan and now offer dining add-ons as part of a new season pass program. This is all thanks to one guy on Reddit spilling the beans how eating at the park saved him a lot of money. So no more unlimited dining at Six Flags Darien Lake and Six Flags Lake Great Escape.

Back in the Fall of 2021. one guy became "Internet Famous" for telling the world via Reddit how he was able to eat 7,000 meals over seven years using Six Flags' season dining pass.

According to his thread, eating at the park essentially for free over this long period of time allowed him to pay down my student loans, get married, and buy a house. In an interview with Vice in November 2021, the “Six Flags Scoundrel,” said when he broke down the math, the meals were around 50 cents."

According to Daily News, the life hack stories about the Six Flags unlimited dining plan that went viral on social media had no influence on ending the program:

“We believe there is no better value than a visit to Six Flags and continuously look at ways to improve our product offerings with the goal of elevating the guest experience,” Six Flags officials said in a statement. “Based on guest feedback, we recently launched a simplified pass program that better aligns with those preferences, including add-ons like the dining pass.”"

What that means, these guys exposed a loophole and now we all will pay full price for food.

Six Flags Great Escape is located at 1172 U.S. 9, Queensbury, NY 12804. Six Flags Darien Lake is located at 9993 Alleghany Rd, Corfu, NY 14036.

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