The storm that was supposed to simply brush the Mohawk Valley, now seems to be taking a path northward which could mean more snow for us.

During the week, the storm was predicted to hit the eastern seaboard with several inches possible especially in New York City where up to 16 inches is expected to fall. Thew problem for the Mohawk Valley is that the Strom seems to be stretching northward which could mean a lot more snow for us.

The National Weather Service in Binghamton is now calling for 5 to 8 inches of snow to fall over the next 12 hours in the Utica-Rome area.  Other areas, especially to the east are expecting more snow. In Little Falls, 8-12 inches is expected. Ilion is also being targeted with forecasts of 8-12 inches not snow. As you travel to the south, even more snow is expected. Oneonta's forecast is calling for more than a foot of snow.

Central Valley Academy is advising students there to document the storm and write about how it affects them,. Many local schools have announced that they will still issue snow days, because some teachers have chosen to teach from the classroom.


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