In response to Monday's news conference and allegations made by Dave Gordon, a candidate for Oneida County Executive, two officials named by Gordon have issued statements.

First, Oneida County DA Scott McNamara sent the following statement in response to a request from WIBX's Andrew Derminio:

1. As Bill knows,   I did NOT release any sealed reports or documents to him or any other media outlets regarding a domestic violence case in which Gordon was the defendant.

2.  As for any discussions I have with the media, the public that elects me and who I represent, and most importantly the victims and witnesses in our cases; I have the right and authority as a publicly elected official to defend my office and explain our actions as to why we would not fully prosecute a domestic violence case.  That is what I did in this case.

3.  I find it interesting that Gordon is running to be a county executive and one of the first things he does in his campaign is to make false and misleading claims against the District Attorney.  In my humble opinion this speaks volumes on his competency and stability to hold such an important office in our county.

WIBX also reached to the office of Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, and Oneida County Board Chairman Gerald Fiorini.

Picente response is as follows:

“Today, Mr. Gordon made unfounded and slanderous allegations that I will not dignify with a response.” –Anthony J. Picente Jr.

Fiorini issued the following statement:

“Dave Gordon made allegations against several Oneida County officials on Monday. I will not dignify his unsubstantiated comments with a response.”



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