It's always very exciting to see a local business is doing so well that they have plans to do even better, Many in the community will be very excited about the newest changes coming to one popular bar and restaurant in New Hartford.

One Genny opened back in 2018 at 1 Genesee Street in the village of New Hartford, and since then, has been thriving. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever been in for dinner or drinks and it wasn't busy. It's known that One Genny is "the place" to go in that area.

Rumors have been circling around the community about a possible expansion. And yes, those rumors have been confirmed to be true - One Genny is expanding.

"Okay you’ve probably been wondering what’s going on with all the construction lately so we’d like to silence the rumors,"

On Facebook, the news was announced:

One Genny via Facebook
One Genny via Facebook

#ThePatioOn42ndStreet will be coming to you Spring 2023! A brand new bar, a stage and an exciting new experience for everybody to enjoy and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ll keep you updated with the progress as we continue but for now,  spread the word about #ThePatioOn42ndStreet

With the news, many have showed their support on Facebook and are excited for the the expansion will be complete.


Joe - "That’s incredible good for you guys!! Always loved the design of One Genny can’t wait to see the expansion."

Earl"Fabulous!! Love your restaurant - always great service and food!!"

Julie"Wonderful news! Can't wait for the unveiling! "


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