The Madison County Sheriff's Office is reporting an incident that occurred at the Madison County Jail on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021.

According to officials investigators arrested 26-year-old Jordan M. Love, an inmate at the Madison County Jail. It is believed that Love stabbed another inmate with a dangerous object during an altercation on Christmas Day.

Madison County Sheriff's Office
Madison County Sheriff's Office

Officials say Love became enraged with a fellow inmate who was using his tablet. As a result, Love allegedly stabbed the inmate in the throat and attempted to stab him in the eye.

The incident led investigators to charge Jordan Love with two counts of Attempted Assault (Felony), one count of Menacing (Misdemeanor) and one count of possession of a weapon (Felony). Officials say he was arraigned by Judge Michael Misiaszek.

Love was being held at the Madison County Jail on other unrelated charges during the time of the attack. Love will return to court at a later date to answer this most recent charge.

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