The offices of Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, the County Attorney and the Board of Legislators have been relocated.

They're being moved from the 10th floor of the County Office Building in Utica to the ninth-floor as part of an ongoing asbestos abatement project.

The offices are expected to remain in their temporary location for about a year while the 10th floor is abated for asbestos and renovated.

Beginning with the Board of Legislators’ June 13th meeting, its monthly meetings will take place in the fifth floor ceremonial courtroom at the Oneida County Court House on Elizabeth Street in Utica.

The $18 million floor-by-floor abatement project at the County Office Building began in 2008,and is expected to be completed by 2021.

Of the building's 10 floors, just the seventh, ninth and 10th are left to be worked on.

“While necessary for the safety and integrity of the building, this abatement project has led to years of influx with the constant shifting of office locations,” said Picente.  “We appreciate the public’s patience during this lengthy process, and I am confident that once all is complete, the building will be laid out in a much more efficient manner that will accommodate our constituents to the fullest.”

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