Candidate for Oneida County Executive Mike Hennessy was on the Keeler Show Thursday in a bizarre and unhinged interview that included accusations and excuses in regards to his unsuccessful challenge to the Board of Election’s decision to remove him from the ballot over petitions. 

Hennessy’s appeal was thrown out over a procedural issue in Oneida County Court by Judge Bernadette Clark on Wednesday and Hennessy implied that Clark had to throw out the case because otherwise, she would have had to accept the signatures presented by Hennessy witnesses. When Hennessy was asked if he was calling Judge Clark corrupt, he said "you said that, but I won't disagree."

Meanwhile, a source close to the proceeding explained that the procedural issue was actually the fact that Hennessy had several witnesses on hand to testify, but the court was never notified of the witnesses and none of them had been served a subpoena. As a result, none of the witnesses were eligible to testify.

WIBX's source claims Hennessy is 14 signatures short of the minimum required to place him on the ballot. Hennessy claims that he has at least 50 signatures that he believes the court should allow, which would be more than enough to place him on the Republican Primary ballot.

Hennessy said Judge Clark could have allowed his witnesses to testify, but she chose not to.

WIBX's source claims that Hennessy now has the opportunity to appeal Judge Clark's decision not to hear the case, and the matter would most likely be sent back to Judge Clark. He would then have the opportunity to subpoena his witnesses and present their testimony to contradict the Board of Election's rejections.

Listen to the complete interview below.

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