June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says the County is doing its part to raise awareness and combat the problem year round.

“The abuse of our elderly residents can take many repulsive forms, all of which must be eradicated,” said Picente.  “Our seniors deserve just as much honor and respect in their later years as they did throughout their lives, and Oneida County and its partners are dedicated to ensuring their safety and protection each and every day.”

The Oneida County Elder Abuse Coalition was created in 2000 to to address elder abuse.

In 2017, the County Office for the Aging and Continuing Care, along with the Coalition, addressed more than 140 referrals of adults facing issues of exploitation, abuse and neglect.

The Office for the Aging will be will be offering a workshop on June 21st to provide information on the financial exploitation of elders and to inform them about the department's services and programs.

For more information regarding the Elder Abuse Coalition or to make a referral, you can call the Oneida County Office for the Aging and Continuing Care at 315-768-3641.