New COVID-19 cases in Oneida County have dipped back into the mid-20's, following a late March flare-up that say new case totals climbing in to the mid-40's.

In the latest report out Tuesday, there were 26 new COVID positive cases, and sadly one new death. The death is Oneida County's 412th since March of last year. After going a full week without a virus-related death from March 28 through April 4, the county has reported three deaths in the last two days.

The county's 3-day average for new cases is at 27. As mentioned above, the 3-day average had ticked back up into the mid-40's in late March, causing some concern that COVID-19 was on the rise again locally.

A downward trend is supported by Oneida County's active case total of 395 - the fewest number of active cases in the county in five months.

Hospitalizations involving county residents is up a tick, but virtually unchanged for the last two week. There are 21 county residents hospitalized for treatment of the virus - 14 at Mohawk Valley Health System, 3 at Rome Health, and 4 being cared for out-of-county.

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