You may have heard recent reports of speeding tickets being issued to drivers going too fast in New York construction zones. Soon, mailed tickets will also be sent to those who illegally pass school buses.

Oneida County officials have announced nine-area school districts will be participating in the program to ticket drivers who pass buses that illegally pass school buses who activate their red flashing lights and have the stop-arm extended.

Technology called Verra Mobility CrossingGuard will record the vehicle and license plate if a driver passes with the stop-arm extended, whether it be in the morning when students are getting onto the bus, or in the afternoon when they are being dropped off at home.


“We are excited about this collaboration between the Oneida County School Districts and Verra Mobility,” said Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol. “Our priority is to keep our students safe, and this program is an important component of our traffic safety efforts. This new technology will, no doubt, enhance the safety of our community by protecting students when they are most vulnerable entering and exiting the school bus. We strongly advise drivers to stop for the school bus stop-arm.” 

A total of 191 buses from the following area school districts will be equipped with this technology:

  •    New York Mills School District     
  •    New Hartford Central School District 
  •    Rome City School District 
  •    Sauquoit Valley Central School District 
  •    Westmoreland Central School District 
  •    Whitesboro Central School District
  •    Waterville Central School District
  •    Holland Patent Central School District
  •    Adirondack Central School District

The announcement came Monday morning at Sauquoit Valley Central School. The program will begin with a 35 day warning period. Officials say through June 11, anyone who violates the law regarding passing a stopped school bus will be issued a warning. Beginning June 12 and going forward, violations will be issued by mail.

Kristine Bellino
Kristine Bellino

Under current state law, the penalty for a first violation can run you run a fine as high as $250. That penalty can be as high as $1,000 for repeat offenders, and a vehicle owner who is convicted of three violations within three-years could have their driver's license revoked for six months or more, officials said.

The violation video and license plate images will be reviewed by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office for approval prior to a warning or citation being issued, officials said. 

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