The text message from Sheriff Rob Maciol said, "Have a cow in labor, this one may come quick." With that, the race was on to get to the Maciol Family Farm to witness a true miracle of nature.

Though I was too late to see the actual birth of the new male baby calf, I had the privilege of witnessing the first few minutes of this beautiful animal's life. According to Sheriff Maciol, the calf was born to its mother Sadie who has been with the Maciols since she was just a few days old.

The Sheriff and his son, Robbie Jr., were on their way to opening day of The New York Yankees season, when they got an hour outside the city and learned the game was postponed due to snow. They immediately turned around and headed back to their Oneida County only to find their girl Sadie in labor.

This is the second baby calf born in 2018 for Sheriff Maciol and he expects 6 or 7 more before the end of Spring. Just 10 minutes into the life of this little one, it was already attempting to stand up as his mother continued to shield, warm and clean him. At birth this little guy weighed anywhere from 50-65 pounds.

Sheriff Maciol says, "The mother is a red and white Holstein and the dad is a Hereford bull." Maciol went on to say that for his family this was a special birth and they were glad to have been able to get mama comfortably in her pen and monitor the birth closely. Usually, the mother cows will escape to the trees to be alone to give birth or will even have the baby calf in the middle of the night.

This calf joins over 20 living and roaming the range of the Maciol Family Farm. They haven't come up with a name yet, but the little baby boy seems to be happy and healthy.

Enjoy some adorable photos of the little guy.

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