To the person who has sunk low enough to rummage through cars in New York Mills, this one goes out to you.

Before I get into a major rant aimed directly at one low life trying to steal from cars in the middle of the night in New York Mills, here is a word of warning. Lock your doors, pure and simple. I'll be honest, I did not. Yesterday, I got home after having some major dental work done and just didn't remember to hit the lock button. I normally do, we've all been there. If you live in New York Mills, just lock the doors because obviously someone is targeting unlocked cars.

Onto the person that is a total disgrace of a human being, I hope you're happy. I hope you got filled with joy by what you found and stole from my vehicle. I hope you thought you hit the jackpot when you saw a debit card buried in my center console. Let me let you in on a little secret my friend, that card has long been deactivated. It will get you nothing. I'm sure you've already tried to swipe it at a convenience store or attempted to purchase something online, so maybe you already know. Hopefully, I spoiled that for you.

I also want to say, and I am positive you also already know this, my car was a waste of time for you. It looks as if you found nothing in your rummaging other than old and dirty facemasks and Stewart's breakfast sandwich wrappers. In fact, I know you found nothing because there is nothing of value in my car. Stop being a low life and stealing from people. Get a life. The police will catch you. By the way, there are cameras everywhere so it really won't be hard for the police.

Sincerely, a resident of New York Mills.

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